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2019 Charity Campaign

The Choir along with the Cycle Club, the Choir Runners and the Birdie Boys will be hosting a series of Charity Events in 2019 in support of UK Sepsis Trust and Caldicot Male Voice Choir.

The proposed events and dates for UK Sepsis Trust are:

  1. Orient Express Challenge – Tuesday, 1st January 2019
  2. Fitness Fayre – Saturday, 23rd March 2019
  3. Charity Concert – Saturday, 6th July 2019
  4. Bike Ride – Thursday, 18th – Saturday, 20th, July 2019
  5. Golf Day- Saturday, 7th September 2019
  6. Skydive – tba
  7. Fun Run – Sunday, 20th October 2019
The proposed events and dates for Caldicot Male Voice Choir are:

  1. Redwick Endurance – Sunday, 12th May 2019
  2. Quiz Night – Friday, 15th October 2019
  3. Christmas Party – Friday, 6th December 2019

Previous Charity efforts


choir logo1 Route: Redwick Challenge

Distance: 92 miles

Charity: Caldicot Male Voice Choir

No. Riders: 29

Amount Raised: £2,017

2018 Redwick Challenge


Severn View Route: Brecon to Cardiff (Taff Trail)

Distance: 55 miles

Charity: Severn View Open Doors

No. Riders: 16

Amount Raised: £3,858

Taff Trail (Charity Ride)


MNDA_logo Route: Hay-on-Wye to Caldicot

Distance: 64 miles

Charity: Motor Neurone Disease Association

No. Riders: 14

Amount Raised: £5,245

MNDA Charity Ride


chaity_logo Route: Llanidloes to Caldicot

Distance: 210 miles

Charity: Annalese Gosling and Sparkle

No. Riders: 25

Amount Raised: £9,449

Source of the Severn Challenge


Prostate design with cyclist Route: Fishguard to Caldicot

Distance: 210 miles

Charity: Prostate Cymru

No. Riders: 21

Amount Raised: £8,000

Prostate Tour


T-shirt design Route: Brecon to Caldicot

Distance: 65 miles

Charity: Victims Of Chernobyl Children’s Trust

No. Riders: 36

Amount Raised: £6,434

2013 Charity Ride


choir logo1 Route: Brecon to Cardiff (Taff Trail)

Distance: 55 miles

Charity: Caldicot Male Voice Choir

No. Riders: 24

Amount Raised: £3,018

Taff Trail


  1. I’m planning a cycle ride on May 29th on NCN4 from Caldicot to the Transporter Bridge and return. We will pass through Redwick when you are holding your charity lap event. Our riders could be encouraged to donate to MND and do a few laps to add to your total. Your riders could be encouraged to join us if they have completed their laps. Our ride is part of Sustrans summer Go explore rides. It is the first ride for Celtic Trail going west from Caldicot. It is the easiest ride and would be 8 miles from Redwick to the Transporter Bridge and 8 miles return, with lunch at Fanny’s Rest Stop. We start from the Caldicot Cross at 10AM and would make Redwick about 10:45. May I put your event in my advertising as an option for our riders? Would they have to pay £10 to do no more than 30 minutes, or can I say a donation is required to ride laps.

  2. A fabulous fund raising effort by the Cycle Club in the past four years, but don’t forget the contribution by Caldicot Male Voice Choir choristers and the Golf Society, The Birdie Boys who all gave their time, effort, support and money to achieve this total. I appreciate that it is the members of the Cycle Club who instigated these charity appeals but don’t forget the concerts and quiz nights.

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