177 – MNDA Charity Ride

Saturday, 20th August 2016

From Hay-on-Wye to Caldicot – 64 miles

I would just like to say a big thank you to all the boys and girls who made yesterday’s MNDA Charity Bike Ride such a success, despite awful conditions.

Special thanks must go to the ever present support team, for giving up their time so that these events can take place. To David Kirton for organising the mini-bus and driving us to Hay; to Peter Williams for transporting our bikes; to Theo Roberts, David Currie and Anthony Ward for providing much needed support; to Jayne Stallard and friend for registration; to Leon Jones for organising the trailer and bikes.

The riders; Anthony Griffiths, Carolyn Griffiths, Grahame Morton, Chris Nolan, Robert Stallard, Chris Davidson, Sharon M Maybury Ward, Janet Vale, Helen Gilmore, Neil Gilmore and Darren Canty. You all done brilliant.

Also thanks to all those who came down to the Rose Inn at Redwick; Kirstie Benjamin and Nick Powell and others already mentioned. Thank you to all the people who made donations to the MNDA Charity.

The day ended with a celebration party at the Choir Hall. Thanks to all the friends and family who came, and the bar staff who kept us topped up with falling down juice. Great entertainment and food provided by the Choir. Thank you Rob and Jayne Stallard for organising the raffle. There was some memorable performances on the Karoake machine as well !


  1. Tony Griffiths
  2. Carolyn Griffiths
  3. Sue Earnshaw
  4. Helen Gilmore
  5. Neil Gilmore
  6. Chris Nolan
  7. Chris Davidson
  8. Grahame Morton
  9. Sharon Ward
  10. Robert Stallard
  11. Janet Vale
  12. Darren Canty
  13. Kirstie Benjamin (from Redwick)
  14. Nick Powell (from Redwick)


  1. Peter Williams
  2. Dave Currie
  3. Jayne Stallard
  4. Sian Hudson
  5. Dave Kirton
  6. Theo Roberts
  7. Tony Ward
  8. Leon Jones

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