9 – Taff Trail

19th August 2012

Brecon to Cardiff

Weather: Rain at first, sunny afterwards

Distance: 55 miles

Climbs: Talybont reservoir, Taf Fechan forest, to Pontsticill, Pontypridd

Terrain: tarmac, mud and gravel tracks

At last, the day arrived. Twenty four riders were bussed from Caldicot with full support team following a bacon barbeque at the Choir Hall. On arrival in Brecon, it was photos and checking over the equipment before the journey commenced. The first stop was at the summit of the climb out of Taf Fechan forest were fruit and water was available and encouragement from the support team. From there, a rapid downhill with Nick Powell clocking 39 mph, before two nasty climbs before descending into Pontstcilill village.

A rapid puncture repair was made to Karl Gregory’s bike, before setting off for Merthyr Tydvil and picking-up the Taff river which we would follow for the rest of the ride. There was a tricky climb at Troedyrhiw, through a glass laden tunnel which resulted in punctures for Steve Gribble and Leon Jones, and then crossing the river via some downhill steps and then up the other side where a near broken chain slowed down the progress of Michael Griffiths.

Lunch was had outside the pub at Quakers Yard, were mechanical repairs were made and food and drink was taken on-board, before the ride into Pontypridd and then Nantgarw where the fourth puncture of the day happened to Andy Williams, and six riders got lost.

When everybody has re-assembled, it was a fast descent through Taffs Wells and the outskirts of Cardiff before following the river through Coopers Field and Sophia Gardens. At this point, there was a nasty incident where Grahame Morton had a head-on clash with another cyclist, which saw a smashed watch, cut knee and bruised ribs for Grahame, before the group finally arrived in Millenium Square, tired but elated.


  1. Well done Tony an excellent start to a new web site. This I’m sure will become an asset to the choir. Keep it up.

  2. Tony,
    Cannot put into words what you have done creating this web site just brilliant a lot of time and effort gone into it I’m sure.
    On behalf of CMVC our sincere thanks and let’s hope members and friends/guest will contribute.

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