Choir Walkers – Piercefield Mansion

Sunday, 16th January 2022

Ten walkers made their way from Chepstow Castle, along the Welsh Coastal Path to ‘The Warren’ at Bulwark, passing through the housing estates and onto the Racecourse grounds to the 18th Century Mansion, now in a dilapidated state.

It was nice to welcome Terry Dabbs and Janet Vale on their first walks with the group.


  1. Terry Dabbs
  2. Robert Brown
  3. John Nesbitt
  4. Louise Ahern
  5. Julie Jones
  6. Christine Brown
  7. Janet Vale
  8. Jane Nesbitt
  9. Carolyn Griffiths
  10. Tony Griffiths

Choir Runners – Cornfield 5K Torchlight

Wednesday, 5th January 2022

Six runners turned-up for the first evening run of the year on a cold, but fine evening for the 5K loop around the Cornfield track. Nice to see Nadine Morris back out with us.


  1. Nadine Morris
  2. Delyth Gregory
  3. Carolyn Griffiths
  4. Karl Gregory
  5. Paul Vincent
  6. Tony Griffiths

Choir Walkers – Mounton Christmas Walk

Tuesday, 28th December 2021

Ten people made the start at the Indian Empire at Parkwall, for the walk to Mounton and back. Starting the trail over St. Pierre Golf Course then onto the Mathern Mill Fishing Lakes, before climbing up the back lanes to Pwllmeyric. Crossing over the busy A48 for the quiet lanes to Bayfield and the little hamlet on Mounton with its babbling stream and ancient church. From there along the lanes back to the A48 and to the Millers Arms in Mathern for refreshment, before concluding the walk at the Indian Empire.


  1. Phil Brown
  2. Isobel Brown
  3. Tracey Eastabrook
  4. Louise Ahern
  5. Julie Jones
  6. Phil Bates
  7. Jeanette Bates
  8. Chris Nolan
  9. Kirstie Nolan
  10. Tony Griffiths

Choir Runners – Tracey’s 50th Parkrun

Saturday, 18th December 2021

Congratulations to Tracey on reaching her 50th Parkrun at Rogiet Country Park. Well done to everyone else as well.

  1. Tracey Eastabrook (50#)
  2. Carolyn Griffiths (73#)
  3. Isobel Brown (27#)
  4. Tony Griffiths (98#)

Choir Walkers – Christmas Lights

Wednesday, 15th December 2021

Nice festive walk from the Cornfield, along the Coastal Path and into Calidcot and the Castle.


  1. Jane Nesbitt
  2. Isobel Brown
  3. Carolyn Griffiths
  4. John Nesbitt
  5. Tony Griffiths

Choir Runners – Santa & Elf Run

Sunday, 5th December 2021

With a few people not available and others recovering from illness, it was decided to take the grandsons (Jacob 6 and Logan 2) to Cardiff Bay to walk the Santa Run course, accompanied by Isobel Brown. Lovely day was had.


  1. Logan Griffiths
  2. Jacob Griffiths
  3. Isobel Brown
  4. Carolyn Griffiths
  5. Tony Griffiths

Choir Walkers – Riverfront Walk

Sunday, 28th November 2021

Four walkers made the start of the latest walk, starting at the castle and along the Riverfront at Caldicot and Sudbrook, visiting the Cornfield Project at Portskewett and returning along the old Dinham Railway track to the castle.


  1. Jane Nesbitt
  2. Kirstie Nolan
  3. Chris Nolan
  4. John Nesbitt