262 – 2018 Redwick Challenge

Sunday, 13th May 2018

Well done to everyone who either cycled, marshaled or supported the 2018 Redwick Challenge raising over £450 for the Choir. Fifteen choristers dusted down their bikes, and with fourteen other family and friends completed 581 laps of the 2 mile circuit, 1133 miles. These events would not take place without a great support team of Grahame Morton, Chris and Kirstie Nolan, Dave Kirton, Dave Currie, Dave Hennesey and Colleen and Lyn Gauntlett on the camera. Many others also came and gave their morale support.

The overall winner was Sam Stephens who completed 47 laps (92 miles) and the best female was Lesley Russell with 40 laps (78 miles). Each was presented with a trophy for their contributions, whilst the competition for the ‘Theo Roberts Memorial Trophy’ was again won by the Baritone section.


  1. Tony Griffiths
  2. Carolyn Griffiths
  3. Tracey Eastabrook
  4. Sue Earnshaw
  5. Leon Jones
  6. Russ Woodward
  7. Alyn Dawe
  8. Liam Evans
  9. David Gould
  10. Paul Carlson
  11. Lesley Russell
  12. Brian Stephens
  13. Garry Keeble
  14. Sue Murphy
  15. Jayne Stallard
  16. Robert Stallard
  17. Delyth Gregory
  18. Peter Hanks
  19. Mike Malolepszy
  20. Linda Malolepszy
  21. Karl Gregory
  22. Stephen Davies
  23. Peter Williams
  24. Peter Fagan
  25. David Kirkby
  26. Sam Stephens
  27. Greg Tinker
  28. Chris Orum
  29. Jan Orum

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