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Wednesday, 16th May 2018

Distance: 22 miles – Difficulty: 3/5 – Weather: Fine evening

Four riders made the start at the Choir Hall, for the ride to the Ferry Inn at Beachley. Apart from a regular Pub Ride, the purpose of the trip was to meet the rest of the Choir who were meeting up with members of Whitland MVC who are riding to London, for the joint 800 Welsh Voices in a concert next Saturday at the Albert Hall.
The route saw us take the steep climb from Mounton to the hospital at Chepstow, down through the town and the Castle Dell, before going international and crossing the border into England via Castleford Hill. Continuing down the Beachley peninsular to the very end and the Ferry Inn, nestling beneath the Old Severn Bridge.
An hour or so there, belting out a few numbers with the rest of the choir, fed and watered before the return journey in the fading light back through Chepstow via the punishing School Hill, Bulwark and Mathern back to Caldicot.


  1. Tony Griffiths
  2. Sue Earnshaw
  3. Robert Stallard
  4. Mark Antell

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