Birdie Boys – Charity Day 2023

Saturday, 19th August 2023

The annual Choir Charity Golf Day was held at Wernddu Golf Club near Abergavenny, raising donations for the Choir Hall Maintenance Fund.

Twelve golfers made the tee, with the team of Alyn Dawe, Stephen Davies and Keith Swain coming out on top.


  1. Alyn Dawe
  2. Stephen Davies
  3. Keith Swain
  4. David Gould
  5. John Nicholson
  6. Jason Dawe
  7. Ron Powell
  8. Stephen Hawkes
  9. Andrew Yearsley
  10. Karl Gregory
  11. Alun Harris
  12. Tony Griffiths

Choir Riders – Rose Inn

Tuesday, 15th August 2023

Last trip to the Rose in the light for this year – future trips will need lights.

  1. Christine Keeble
  2. Garry Keeble
  3. Nick Dance
  4. Sue Earnshaw
  5. Chris Orum
  6. Grahame Morton
  7. Tony Griffiths
  8. Janice Orum (by car)