Sunday, 11th October 2020

Big turnout for this morning’s walk to Piercefield Mansion, starting from the Millers Arms in Mathern. The route saw the group head for the pretty hamlet of Mounton, before the uphill climb towards Chepstow hospital. Down through the Danes picking up the leafy trail to the impressive largely ruined, neo-classical Piercefield house. Onto the Wye Valley trail, following the route back towards Chepstow. Through the town, following the woods path through Garden City to Bulwark, heading down Mathern Road back to the starting point at the pub. An enjoyable day was completed with Sunday lunch, washed down with cider and beer.


  1. Tony Griffiths
  2. Carolyn Griffiths
  3. Isobel Brown
  4. Deb Harris
  5. Alun Harris
  6. Judith Gribble
  7. Steve Gribble
  8. Julie Donoghue
  9. Wendy Davies
  10. Janice Orum
  11. Chris Orum
  12. Margaret Hirst
  13. Peter Hirst
  14. Jane Nesbitt
  15. John Nesbitt

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