Choir Riders – Coast and Country

Monday, 23rd May 2022

Filming at the castle for the Summer series of ITV’s Coast and Country programme. The Choir Cycle Club was asked to ride around the castle for a documentary on the choir and its cyclists. Tony Griffiths and Alyn Dawe were interviewed by the presenter Sean Fletcher from ITV. Later on, the whole choir was filmed in the choir hall with a selection of songs which will be aired late June-July in 2022.


  1. Tony Griffiths
  2. Grahame Morton
  3. Leon Jones
  4. Alyn Dawe
  5. Stephen Davies
  6. Peter Hanks
  7. Robert Brown
  8. Christine Keeble
  9. Garry Keeble
  10. Sharon Maybury
  11. Ron Powell
  12. David Gould
  13. Sean Fletcher (ITV Presenter)

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