Trans-Canada Challenge


Virtual ride from the west coast of Canada to the east – Vancouver to St. Johns, a distance of 4,825 miles. This is the full challenge, although there are selected destinations along the way depending on people’s personal goals. The cost of the challenge is £15, which will be donated to the Severn View Open Doors project in Chepstow, who care for local Dementia sufferers. Recorded cycle rides, runs and walks will be counted but they must be backed-up with a GPS app, eg Strava. Only outdoor rides, runs and walks will be counted – no turbo trainer or treadmill exercise sessions.







  1. Just about 10 weeks to the end of the challenge, Brian Stephens has reached Corner Brook and passed 4,300 miles; Christine Smith has reached Antigonish passing 4,000 miles; Diane Potter has now done over 2,100 miles; Lesley Russell has climbed 90,000 feet and passed 1,600; Robert Stallard passes 1,600 miles; Tony Griffiths passes 1,300 miles; Ian Russell has reached Moose Jaw and climbed 60,000 feet. Also out were Chris Potter, Andrew Alford, Sue Earnshaw, Tracey Eastabrook, Carolyn Griffiths and David Whittle.

  2. Another busy week on the roads and trails of South Wales (and France). Leader Brian Stephens is steaming in on the finish of his epic journey across Canada, he has now reached Newfoundland and with 500 miles of the finish. Brian has reached the port of Channel Port aux Basques. Christine Smith has now reached New Glasgow; Diane Potter has passed 2,100 miles; Robert Stallard 1,600 miles; Tony Griffiths has reached Brandon and 1,300 miles; Ian Russell has cleared 1,000 miles; David Whittle 700 and Tony Ward has cleared 10,000 feet of climbing. Also out were Chris Potter, Andrew Alford, Sue Earnshaw, Lesley Russell and Carolyn Griffiths.

  3. Another week of activity, big congrats to Chris Potter on completing the Merthyr Marathon, also all the others whether biking, running or walking. Chris has now passed 2,600 miles, whilst his wife, Diane has now reached the climbing goal of 93,402 feet and over 2,000 miles. Andrew Alford has now reached 2,200 miles, and partner Sue Earnshaw clicking up 1,800 miles and climbing more than 80,000 feet. Lesley Russell has 1,500 miles in the bank, Tony Griffiths has climbed more than 40,000 feet, and Tracey Eastabrook more than 50,000 feet. Also out this week were Brian Stephens, Robert Stallard and David Whittle.

  4. What a weekend, not much cycling done but lots of trans-canadians taking part in the Cardiff Half Marathon. Congrats to all who completed it. Leader, with only something like 600 miles to go, Brian Stephens has now reached the Glace Bay, furthest point in Nova Scotia, and just has the ferry journey and the breadth of Newfoundland to go. This has been an awesome effort Brian, and we will all be cheering you on to your goal at St. John’s. Also well done to Chris Potter, Andrew Alford, Diane Potter, Sue Earnshaw, Robert Stallard, Gareth Davies, Tony Griffiths, Tracey Eastabrook and Carolyn Griffiths who all improved their stats over the weekend.

  5. Midweek update has seen Brian Stephens pass 4,100 miles and Christine Smith clock 3,900 miles. Also out improving their stats were Chris and Diane Potter and Tracey Eastabrook. Expecting plenty of action this weekend with the Cardiff Half Marathon happening.

  6. Another busy week has seen Brian Stephens reach Antigonish, Nova Scotia and passing 4,000 miles; Robert Stallard is past 1,500 miles; Lesley Russell has reached Winnipeg; Tony Griffiths has passed 1,200 miles; Tracey Eastabrook also reaches 1,200 miles; Carolyn Griffiths has reached Medicine Hat and 800 miles. Also out were Christine Smith, Chris and Diane Potter, Gareth Daves, Janet Vale, Ian Russell and Grahame Morton. Well done everybody.

  7. Weekend update sees Brian Stephens reach New Glasgow, Nova Scotia; Christine Smith reach Moncton and pass 3,802; Chris Potter has passed 2,500 miles; Diane Potter has climbed more than 90,000 feet; Sue Earnshaw has passed 1,700 miles and Grahame Morton passing 400 miles. Also out were Andrew Alford, Steve Chappelle, Gareth Davies, Lesley Russell, Tony Griffiths and Tracey Eastabrook.

  8. They still keep achieving, some great efforts over the last week especially from Chris Potter completing the Iron Man Wales at Tenby. He has now reached Sudbury and has passed 2,400 miles. Brian Stephens has cleared 3,900 miles; Lesley Russell 1,400 miles and 80,000 feet of climbing; husband Ian has reached Swift Current and passed 900 miles. Also out were Christine Smith, Andrew Alford, Diane Potter, Sue Earnshaw, Gareth Davies, Tony Griffiths, Tracey Eastabrook, Janet Vale, Carolyn Griffiths, Steve Tobin, Grahame Morton and Sharon Ward.

  9. End of the week update sees Christine Smith reach Fredericton, pass 3700 miles; Andrew Alford pass 2,100 miles; Diane Potter getting to Thunder Bay and passing 1,900 miles; Sue Earnshaw passing 1,600 miles; Lesley Russell has climbed 80,000. Also out this week were Chris Potter, Robert Stallard, Tony and Carolyn Griffiths, and Steve Tobin.

  10. Another busy couple of days has seen; Brian Stephens reach Monctyon, New Brunswick and pass 3,800 miles; Chris Potter pass 2,300 miles; Robert Stallard reach Winnipeg; and Steve Tobin get to Calgary. Well done all the others who have been running, walking and cycling.

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