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r66 blueTOTAL DISTANCE = 2,277 miles – TOTAL HEIGHT GAINED = 78,600 feet 

That’s approximately 44 miles and 1,500 feet climbing a week.

Who can complete the distance of the famous American ‘Highway’, Route 66, during their club and training rides during 2016?

A fee of £10 will be charged for administration which will be donated to the Motor Neurone Disease Association, our chosen charity for 2016.

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  1. Christmas has not stopped us, another one has crossed the finish line, Rob Stallard completed the challenge on Boxing Day with a ride to Gaerllwyd. Well done Rob, another ‘Yellow’ rider home. Tony Griffiths is also nearly there, just 22 miles and 1,016 feet which should be clocked-off on tomorrow’s club ride to the Tredegar Arms.

  2. The two riders striving for the line, with just 9 days to go, Rob Stallard now just over 100 feet to climb and Tony Griffiths, 63 miles and just over 3,500 feet to climb have put themselves in a good position to finish the challenge.

  3. A catch-up of a busy weekend and early week rides, with just 11 days to the end of the challenge. Two riders in particular are striving to complete the event; Rob Stallard is just 2,600 feet to go and Tony Griffiths, just 77 miles and 4,000 feet. It is going to be close. Also out were Shane Carey passing 1,200 miles and reaching Tucumcari, New Mexico, and Carolyn Griffiths who has reached the Texas State Line and just 1 mile short of 1,000 miles.

  4. Fourteen days to go and we have another rider over the line and completing the challenge. Helen Gilmore for the ‘yellow’ team is the fourth rider to reach the beach at Santa Monica, the third lady home. Also getting very close is Tony Griffiths with just 99 miles and 4,500 feet to go. Big congratulations to Helen.

  5. Just 17 days left, couple of riders closing on on completion of the challenge; Rob Stallard having completed the mileage is just 5,000 feet to complete the climbing; Tony Griffiths has moved closer to the end, just over 100 miles to go; Shane Carey has reached the New Mexico State Line and also out was Dave Vass.

  6. Weekend rides has seen riders hit some goals; Helen Gilmore has reached Los Angeles and now just 17 miles to go to completion; Tony Griffiths has reached Barstow, California; Tracey Eastabrook has crossed the Texas State Line and passed the 1,000 miles barrier. Also out improving their mileage were Diane Potter, Carolyn Griffiths and David Vass. Just 3 weeks of the challenge remaining.

  7. End of week catch-up has seen Rob Stallard climb over 70,000 feet; Sharon Ward reach the Texas State Line and pass 1,000 miles, and husband Tony Ward also improved his stats with their jaunt in Vietnam; Grahame Morton passed 600 miles as well. Just 3 weeks left on the challenge, can Rob, Helen Gilmore and Tony Griffiths complete the challenge?

  8. Only one rider out over the last couple of days, Tony Griffiths closing in on the finish with just 161 miles to go in 26 days!

  9. A very cold week has seen a few riders improving their lots. More climbing feet for Rob Stallard, a few more miles for Helen Gilmore and Tony Griffiths, all three from the victorious ‘Yellow’ team striving to complete the challenge. Also out was David Vass who has now reached Oklahoma City.

  10. Well, nearly another rider home – congrats to Rob Stallard who has now completed the 2,277 miles of the Route 66 Challenge, but still has the climbing outstanding. Well done Rob, great effort; Tony Griffiths has now reached Baker, California with under 200 miles to go; Tracey Eastabrook closing in on the 1,000 mile mark; David Vass has passed the 800 mile barrier; and John and Kaf Faragher have crossed the 600 mile mark.

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