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Archive for the ‘2017’ Category

Wednesday, 27th December 2017

Distance: 11 miles – Difficulty: 1/5 – Weather: Cold but bright

Only 3 turned-up on a very cold day, although bright sunlight was very welcoming. A visit to Mathern Church, the extra person is St. Tewdric who joined us in a selfie, then onto the Millers for beer, faggots and pies, before returning to Caldicot.


  1. Tony Griffiths
  2. Carolyn Griffiths
  3. Chris James

Wednesday, 13th December 2017

Ride Cancelled – Heavy Rain

Sunday, 10th December


Wednesday, 22nd November 2017

Distance: 15 miles – Difficulty: 1/5 – Terrain: Off-road with lights

Heavy rain, strong winds and everybody pulled out except for Grahame, who braved the elements and met three more car-bound members at the Rose Inn for refreshments. Well done Grahame.



  1. Grahame Morton

Sunday, 12th November 2017

Distance: – 34 miles Difficulty: 2/5 Weather: Cold and showery


  1. Sue Earnshaw
  2. Janet Vale
  3. Chris James
  4. Ashley Vale
  5. Madzia Kruczek
  6. Brian Stephens

Wednesday, 8th November 2017

Distance: 15 miles – Difficulty: 1/5 – Weather: Fine but cold

Another nice evening down at the Rose Inn, but it was a chilly ride. Four riders made the start at the Choir Hall for the cycle down the gravel track to Undy and onwards to Redwick. We were joined at the pub by Chris and Jan Orum, who decided to take the car this evening following their own 25 mile ride this afternoon. Pints of Hobgoblin, curries, chips, sausages, pies etc., were consumed before the cold ride back, spurred on by wind broken by Chris James. He must stop having the extra hot curry!


  1. Tony Griffiths
  2. Sue Earnshaw
  3. Chris James
  4. Tracey Eastabrook

Sunday, 5th November 2017

Distance: 33 miles – Difficulty: 3/5 – Weather: Cold, dry mostly with rain showers towards the end

Great ride today with plenty of ups, to Shirenewton and onwards to Earlswood and Penmaenmawr, with the long descent to Chepstow. Stopping at the Severn View home to hand over more charity cash for the Sensory Garden, which is starting to take shape. Nice to see our work coming to fruition, it will be a lovely addition that will give those with Dementia, respite from their suffering. Onwards to the pub stop at Wetherspoons for hot dogs, chips and cider, before taking on the steep School Hill climb to Bulwark, Mathern and home.


  1. Tony Griffiths
  2. Grahame Morton
  3. Sue Earnshaw
  4. Janet Vale
  5. Madzia Kruzcek
  6. Nick Powell
  7. Chris James
  8. Chris Orum
  9. Ashley Vale

Wednesday, 25th October 2017

Distance: 15 miles – Difficulty: 1/5 – Weather: Fine, balmy for late October.

The first Night Ride of the Winter saw five riders make the start at the Choir Hall. With most riders on Mountain Bikes, the route took us through the back lanes along the Moors, to be met at Undy by David Kealaher on his road bike, for the final few miles to Redwick and the Rose Inn.

The traditional fare of chips, curries, cheese and cottage pie, was washed down by pints of Hobgoblin and Stella, before it was time to make the return journey to Caldicot, fired on by the food and drink, and an enormous fart by Chris James. Yes Dave, you were right about the after effects that Naag curry would have on Chris, just did not expect it so soon. Good evening though.


  1. Tony Griffiths
  2. Carolyn Griffiths
  3. Sue Earnshaw
  4. David Kealaher
  5. Chris James

Sunday, 15th October 2017

Distance : 45 miles – Difficulty : 3/5 – Weather : Cloudy but fine

Another great day out with the CMCCC bikers, a trip across the Severn Bridge to far-flung Berkeley, medieval port and site of a famous castle, and more importantly, fabulous tea-rooms.

Six people made the start at the Choir Hall for the ride through Mount Ballan, Crick, suffering up the steep climb from Mathern to Bulwark, to be met by five others waiting on the slip road. Over the bridge before following the Sustrans route alongside the Severn, eventually arriving at the destination in Berkeley. Breakfast goodies of Poached egg and Toast, Bacon Sandwiches, and very large cakes, washed down with tea and coffee, before heading back along the same route. A diversion to take in the riverbank at Shepperdine, with its views across to the Forest of Dean and South Wales, with the Severn Bridge linking the two sides of the estuary. Photographs taken, and it was heading back over the bridge into the head-wind, back to Chepstow and Caldicot.


  1. Tony Griffiths
  2. Carolyn Griffiths
  3. Tony Ward
  4. Chris James
  5. Lesley Russell
  6. Ian Russell
  7. David Kirkby
  8. Sue Earnshaw
  9. Jan Orum
  10. Chris Orum
  11. Nick Powell

Sunday, 8th October 2017

Distance : 28 miles – Difficulty : 2/5 –  Weather : Sunny

For our away day trip to Newent, we were again blessed with warm, sunny weather for the 28 mile ride around the picturesque, Newent Loop. Six members made the start from the town centre car park, and we were joined by local Sue Tindall who had turned up expecting to join her own clubs ride. Sue filled us in with some interesting local knowledge, pointing out various points of interest., and putting us back on track when we took a wrong turn. Like last year, our coffee stop was in the quirky cafe cum antique shop at Bromberrow Heath. Tea/coffee and flapjacks enjoyed before making our way along the narrow lanes, passing antique gypsy caravans with their ponies grazing on the roadside, back to the start in medieval Newent. Sue also told us about an annual Big Apple Cider ride to nearby Much Marcle, certainly one to put in the diary.


  1. Jan Orum
  2. Lesley Russell
  3. Sue Earnshaw
  4. Tracey Eastabrook
  5. Sue Tindall
  6. Chris Orum
  7. Tony Griffiths