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Tuesday, 18th June 2019


Sunday, 2nd June 2019


Sunday, 12th May 2019

On a lovely sunny Spring day, despite a poor attendance with only 21 riders (including 2 children), an enjoyable day was had for the Seventh running of the Redwick Challenge. The event was won by Shirley Watson (Queens Park and Ride) with 46 laps of the 2 miles course and in doing so, broke the Women’s record.

Many thanks to all the riders who took part, and the support crew especially those who are not choir members, Sharon Ward, Jayne Stallard and Tracey Eastabrook, and those that came down to support and provided cakes.

The trophy for overall and the Best Lady was presented to Shirley Watson who completed 90 miles.

The Best Man trophy went to Top Tenor Robert Stallard, who completed 43 laps (84 miles).

The trophy for the Best Chorister was awarded to Tony Griffiths as Robert Stallard had taken the Best Man award, with 30 laps (59 miles).

The ‘Theo Roberts Cup’, for the best Choir section is again won by the ‘Baritone’ section, with the following riders contributing; Tony Griffiths (30 laps), Mark Antell (25) and David Gould (16).

Tuesday, 30th April 2019

Distance: 15 miles – Difficulty: 1/5 – Weather: Fine

First Pub Night Ride of the year saw 5 bikers head for the Rose Inn at Redwick, on a nice Spring evening. The route took us along the moors gravel road to Undy and on to the lanes to Redwick and the Rose. Thirsts were quenched with Cider and Hobgoblin, which aided the washing down of fish, cheese and curries along with the mandatory chips. The return journey saw us retracing our tyre marks, arriving back at the Choir Hall while it was just about still light.


  1. Tony Griffiths
  2. Lesley Russell
  3. Brian Phillips
  4. Tracey Eastabrook
  5. Chris Orum
  6. Grahame Morton

Sunday, 14th April 2019

Distance: 38 miles – Difficulty: 3/5 – Weather: Fine but cold


  1. Chris Orum
  2. Janice Orum
  3. Sue Earnshaw
  4. Martyn Peel

Sunday, 7th April 2019

Distance: 32 miles – Difficulty: 2/5 – Weather: Sunny

Lovely ride and great company on this ride that not only took in the Gwent flatlands, but also the foothills of Wentwood Forest. The route from Caldicot saw us ride through Rogiet, Undy and Redwick and onto Goldcliff and Nash before switching direction along the Llanwern Steelworks straight. From there it was onto the Wilcrick road to Magor and St Brides before crossing the A48 to Llanfaches, heading for Llanfair Discoed and the secret Cwm valley with its Castroggi brook. Refreshment was had at the Dewstow Gardens cafe. A special welcome to Martyn Peel, who not only came out on his first ride with us, but came to see us in concert the previous evening.


  1. Tony Griffiths
  2. Chris Orum
  3. Robert Stallard
  4. Martyn Peel
  5. Mike Jones
  6. Brian Phillips
  7. Nick Powell

Sunday, 24th March 2019

Distance: 14 miles – Difficulty: 1/5 – Weather: Sunny

On a glorious Spring day, ten riders made the start at the Choir Hall for the short ride to Mathern, with a visit to the Millers Arms for refreshment. Nice to see Brian and Mike returning and bringing along Will Russell for his first ride with us.

The route saw us head for Black Rock, lovely to see the channel on a beautiful day, before heading back to Portskewett and onto Crick, Hayes Gate and Mathern. A visit to the old part of Mathern near the church, very historic before a leisurely stay in the garden at the Millers Arms for refreshment.

Photos of the ride:

  1. Tony Griffiths
  2. Sue Earnshaw
  3. Carolyn Griffiths
  4. Janice Orum
  5. Chris Orum
  6. Nick Powell
  7. Will Russell
  8. Brian Phillips
  9. Mike Jones
  10. Grahame Morton

Sunday, 10th March 2019


Sunday, March 3rd 2019

In the interest of safety, due to poor weather conditions, today’s ride to Severn Beach has been cancelled.

Sunday, 17th February 2019

Distance: 10 miles – No. Riders: 8 – Difficulty: 1/5 – Weather: Fine

Eight riders turned-up at the start line outside the Choir Hall for this short ride to Sudbrook and Black Rock. Nice to meet Brian Phillips and Mike Jones for their first ride out with us.

The route took us through the castle grounds and then onto Pill Row and under the Prince of Wales bridge, following the concrete path down as far as possible on a road bike. From there it was into Portskewett, with a visit to the Cornfield Project, amazing what these residents have done with this land. Onwards through Sudbrook following the footpath to Black Rock before climbing back up to Portskewett and back on the main road to Caldicot via the castle.

Refreshment was taken at the Aroma Cafe in the village before heading home.


  1. Tony Griffiths
  2. Carolyn Griffiths
  3. Sharon Ward
  4. Chris Orum
  5. Janice Orum
  6. Sue Earnshaw
  7. Brian Phillips
  8. Mike Jones