Choir Runners – Torchlight 5K

Wednesday, 27th October 2021

Four runners turned up for the latest 5K by torchlight at the Cornfield, with Jules Carpenter Hanks returning to the group after a few years. Welcome back Jules.


  1. Isobel Brown
  2. Jules Carpenter Hanks
  3. Carolyn Griffiths
  4. Tony Griffiths

Choir Runners – Torchlight 1.5K

Wednesday, 20th October 2021

Five runners made it to the start at the Cornfield, now starting in the dark. With the aid of head torches, we managed to complete half of the planned 5K (3 laps), before the heavens opened with heavy rain which led to its abandonment.


  1. Kerry Lovell
  2. Tracey Eastabrook
  3. Isobel Brown
  4. Paul Vincent
  5. Tony Griffiths

Birdie Boys – Ashbury Tour 2021

Thursday, 14th to Sunday, 17th October 2021

A great weekend was had with the Choir’s Birdie Boys on tour at the Ashbury Gold complex in Okehampton, Devon. Four rounds of golf was played on the Willow, Kigbeare, Pines and Beeches courses, along with a snooker night, and a night out in Okehampton. Much hilarity was had with plenty of singing, and the stewardship of ‘Billy Bunker’ being passed around between John Nicholson, Mark Antell and Leon Jones.


  1. David Gould
  2. John Nicholson
  3. Leon Jones
  4. Karl Gregory
  5. Tony Griffiths
  6. Andy McDonnell
  7. Paul Thomas
  8. Ron Powell
  9. Stephen Davies
  10. Alyn Dawe
  11. Mark Stocker
  12. Andrew Yeardsley
  13. Maurice Penny
  14. Mark Antell
  15. Peter Fagan
  16. David Hennesy
  17. Jason Dawe